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We are US Lighting Services

U.S. Lighting Services (USLS) was founded by a diverse team of well seasoned, industry professionals that include energy efficiency experts, engineers, CPAs, investors and real estate professionals to deliver state of the art lighting systems to our customers using none of their own capital.

Why choose Us

US Lighting Services has created a process and uses criteria that come from the customer’s viewpoint. Using the best products, from the best manufacturers and that fit the unique lighting requirements of each customer project is what we do. We will remain dedicated to your project, your satisfaction, and providing expertise and objectivity in a field stacked with firms wishing to sell you ‘their’ products only.

Our Mission

Our mission is quite simply to accelerate the adoption of energy efficient lighting in the United States. We will cut through the confusion and deliver higher quality lighting to your operation using best-in-class products. We will provide a structure that requires no upfront capital from our customers and is cash flow positive from day one while providing maintenance free operation for the life of the service agreement and beyond.

What you get

You get a state-of-the-art modern lighting system that utilizes the savings to pay for the solution and generates cash flow for your organization from day one. The list of benefits is long and compelling and we think that you will agree that is it time to get to know US Lighting Services.

What We Do

Presently, only a very small percentage of the entire addressable U.S. lighting market has moved forward and taken advantage of the full range of benefits that LED technologies provide. Why? After providing hundreds of millions of dollars in proposals and gathering an immense amount of feedback, we realized and learned the following:
John Doe

Large Upfront Capital Commitment:

Owners, managers and leadership quickly understand the benefits of a new lighting system including the savings and better lighting quality. The struggle stems from the upfront capital commitment required to execute a project. Limited budgets and competing opportunities create a situation where capital is the number one barrier to pursuing these high value projects
Nix Maxwell

Too Many Choices:

The fact of the matter is that if there are a wide variety of competing manufacturers and products in any area of your business then it can create confusion. Confusion is a great thing for inferior products. In these cases, either a high degree of internal expertise or a trusted partner that can take responsibility and stand by it is MANDATORY. At last we counted, there were over 169,000 lighting products from thousands of manufacturers in the DesignLights Consortium (DLC) database of approved products. Do you have the time and even the interest in sorting that out for your project?
Josh Clark

Economic Uncertainty:

Let’s be honest - none of us have a crystal ball that can predict what the future holds. Will there be volatile moves in the markets, in the economy, or in your business? Conserving precious capital is a highly sought after goal and can become easier if some capital projects can be turned into a net benefit using innovative solutions. Few capital intensive projects can achieve the goal of actually preserving capital unless they are simply NOT DONE.
Mary Jane

Internal Maintenance Concerns:

Internal staff time and using outsourced maintenance contractors is a very expensive proposition. The uncertainty in the maintenance, replacement, and operations of a new technology often lead to projects being taken off the budget table. Lighting is not your core business, it is an operational requirement and ‘keeping the lights on’ should mean just that.

In short....

We feel your pain and understand the intricate nuiances associated with the decision making process. As a result, USLS is here to deliver a comprehensive solution that allows your entity to reap the benefits of a system upgrade while alleviating the associated stress that comes with it.

We partner with some of the best, most experienced, lighting, electrical, architectural, and engineering firms in the business. If you would like to know how you can offer US Lighting Services products to your customers please fill out this form and we will be in contact with you very soon.

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How We Do It

U.S. Lighting Services (USLS) has created and implemented the following streamlined process that creates a system of checks and balances for all key stakeholders involved. By doing so, we are able to effectively execute throughout all stages and deliver a service that exceeds the needs of the customer.

Step 1

A USLS representative will meet the client at the identified property to discuss and gather information related to the desired goals and objectives of the proposed lighting upgrade as well as conduct an initial walkthrough in order to prepare our lighting engineers that are to be dispatched on a mutually agreed upon time and date.

Step 2

Our engineering and lighting team will proceed with an energy and lighting analysis to address the technical specifications required for installation.

Step 3

The completed audit will be presented to all stakeholders for review along with the proposed lighting options, technical specifications, payment structure and the terms and conditions set forth in the Lighting as a Service (LaaS) contract by U.S. Lighting Services.

Step 4

Upon executing a contract, USLS will schedule an installation date based on the guidance of all stakeholders. We will then coordinate and deploy all necessary resources required in preparation of the lighting upgrade.

Step 5

Installation of new LED system.

Step 6

Post Installation support is initiated between USLS and client.

"Everything is designed, but some things are designed well."


Open Imagination

pre K-12 (daycare | elementary | middle | high school)
Colleges & Universities
Public & Private Learning Institutions
Student Centers
Off Campus Housing
Lecture Halls
Sports Facilities
Campus Grounds
Early Childhood Development Centers


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Hotels (Chain | Independent)
Entertainment Complexes
Restaurants (Chain | Independent)
Theme Parks


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Storage Facilities
Manufacturing Plants
O&G Processing Facilties
Logistic Hubs
Indoor Agriculture
Pharmaceutical Operations


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Shipping Ports
Train Depot
Bus Stations
Rest Areas
Ship & Railyards
Parking Lots
Under & Above Ground Garages
Fleet Storage & Facilities


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Government Buildings & Facilities
Fire & Police Departments
Civic Centers
Area & Street Lighting
Community Parks
Town Halls
Historic Landmarks & Sites
Aquatic Facilities
Indoor Recreation
Parking Structures
  • Parking Structures
  • Municipal

    Open Imagination

    Medical Clinics
    Religious Organizations (Churches)
    Gathering & Storage Facilities
    Staffing Offices
    Assisted Living Homes
    Athletic Associations
    Sports Facilities
    Cultural Sites

    Non Profit

    Open Imagination

    All Franchises (Multiple Locations)
    Grocery Stories (Independent & Chain)
    General Stores
    Shopping Malls
    Strip Centers
    Apartment Complexes
    Mixed Use Developments
    Home Owner Association (HOA)


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    Indoor & Outdoor Sports facilities
    Recreational Complexes
    Fitness Clubs & Gyms
    Practice & Training Facilities


    "Everything is designed, but some things are designed well."


    Benefits of Lighting As A Service.

    No Upfront Cost!

    US Lighting Services invests OUR money, zero capital investment for our customer.

    Free Up Employees

    No Maintenance for the life of the Service Agreement.


    Guaranteed to be cash flow positive, putting money in your pocket each and every month making your business more profitable or your non-profit’s budget improved.


    State of the art modern LED lighting system for your operation.

    Best of the Best

    Top quality products from leading brands in the lighting industry.

    Based Upon You!

    Engineer reviewed and prescribed lighting products specific to each customer project and lighting goals.

    Better Visibility

    Improved lighting performance and quality that your customers and employees will love.

    Budget Certainty

    Fixed, monthly payments that will NEVER go up. Agreed upon upfront based on a percentage of the savings.

    Extensive Documentation

    Expert savings assessment and lighting design for EACH project.


    What Clients say?

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